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Rush Limbaugh Quotes from the Outspoken Political Commentator

Get ready for these opinionated Rush Limbaugh quotes.

Rush Limbaugh is a political commentator best known for his controversial statements.

He was an American conservative who was outspoken about climate change, feminism, LGBT issues, and the democratic party, among other topics.

Rush Limbaugh hosted The Rush Limbaugh Show from 1984 until 2021 when he passed away from complications due to lung cancer.

He was inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame and the National Radio Hall of Fame, among many other radio awards.

Former president Donald Trump also awarded him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Limbaugh was highly successful throughout his career. The Rush Limbaugh Show was the most-listened-to show on American radio, with 15.5 million listeners in 2019.

In addition, by the end of his career, he earned $85 million a year from his collective works, the second highest earner for radio personalities to Howard Stern.

You can learn a lot about him and his thoughts in the Rush Limbaugh quotes below.

Opinionated Rush Limbaugh Quotes

Rush Limbaugh was known for being opinionated and sharing his thoughts with the world. These quotes share just a few of those opinions.

1. “I don’t think looking at things through the prism of fear is going to accomplish anything.” – Rush Limbaugh

2. “There is a simple way to solve the crime problem: obey the law; punish those who do not.” – Rush Limbaugh

3. “Conservatism solves problems. Liberalism blows ’em up.” – Rush Limbaugh

4. “Character matters; leadership descends from character.” – Rush Limbaugh

5. “Enraging liberals is simply one of the more enjoyable side effects of my wisdom.” – Rush Limbaugh

6. “No nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity.” – Rus

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