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How Learning From Mistakes Can Improve Your Life

I lost $50,000 back in 2013 to a business with a “friend” (let’s call him John, he really has a more Latino name). This was a pretty big ‘mistake’ but learning from it helped me improve my life.

John and I had known each other since college, back in 1997. We both had amazing corporate careers in Venezuela, where we grew up, me as a Financial Planning Manager for McDonald’s and, John as a Controller for a mining company.

We met again in Miami, FL, in 2013. A few months after our first reunion, John called me and offered to partner with him in a mechanic shop. His business was booming and expanding to a bigger, better shop.

I trusted him and knew he had a passion for cars and 4x4s since our days in college, so I jumped in without hesitation. The investment, $50,000.00, was paid fully in cash.

Little did I know that going into business with John would cost me money, friendship, family problems, and almost an eviction record.

When my friend offered me the investment in his business, he already was deep underwater and he was looking for fresh money to keep going. Today, an investigative report from a Venezuelan newspaper found that he had done the same with over 30 people and, there’s a trial going on for the same reason here in the US.

Anyone reading the above story would think “Wow! John was a scam artist! He took advantage of his friend Alejandro” and “this is not Alejandro’s fault; he knew him for so long!”.

Well, let me tell you, the responsibility is 100 percent mine, and that’s what this article is about.

But before going into why the responsibility is all mine, let me tell you a little about how I learned to learn from my mistakes.

As I mentioned before, I was at some point, Financial Planning Manager for

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