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Love in the age of artificial intelligence

Today there are about 8,000 dating services around the world. And every year that number increases by around a thousand. So by 2024 this number may well exceed 10,000. And by 2030 — possibly more than 15,000. Of course, not all dating platforms are as popular as Tinder or Bumble. Many of them are quite niche and have a small audience, and yet, these also find their dedicated users.

One of the key trends in modern online dating has been the introduction of artificial intelligence. In theory, it’s designed to help select perfect matches and save users time. But how are things in practice? Let’s dive a little deeper into the use of AI within dating services and evaluate how effective it really is.

How does artificial intelligence work on a dating site?

Let’s be honest, many people greatly overestimate the capabilities of AI, believing that it uses super-complex algorithms. The reality is much simpler. In most cases, an artificial algorithm simply interprets the information that you provide it with:

Gender and age Interests and hobbies Photos Location Profile description

Based on this data, the AI tries to link you with suitable matches. In reality, it does exactly the same thing you could do by yourself. It just gets the job done much faster. But do not expect incredible results from artificial intelligence.

Are users ready to trust their fate to AI and pay money for it?

In early 2022, research firm Tido conducted a survey of more than 1,000 dating site users to find out how they feel about the use of artificial intelligence technology on online dating sites. The results were very revealing:

54% of respondents said they were happy with the help offered by AI in finding a partner based on given criteria. 45% would like AI people liking fears

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