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The Terror Quotes from the One-of-a-Kind Series

Try to solve the mystery of the series as you read The Terror quotes below. Share your thoughts on the show in the comments.

The Terror is an American horror drama TV series based on true life events. This series aired on AMC for almost two years from March 2018 to October 2019. The story was adapted from Dan Simmon’s novel in 2007 titled The Terror.

This series features a story about a mission exploration by the Britains led by Captain John Franklin in 1845. 129 men set sail to explore the Arctic to traverse to India through China but none of them were able to get back and survive the three-year exploration. The captains and sailors were puzzled about the reason behind the incident.

Dive into these The Terror quotes for you to unfold mysteries to share with your friends and families.

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The Terror quotes from Francis Crozier

1. “Careful how you use that word, “close”. This is the Discovery Service. “Close” is nothing. It’s worse than nothing. It’s worse than anything in the world.” — Francis Crozier

2. “This place wants us dead.” — Francis Crozier

3. “There’ll be no melodramas here. Just live men, or dead men.” — Francis Crozier

4. “In this place, technology still bends the knee to luck.” — Francis Crozier

5. “Tell those who come after us not to stay. The ships are gone. There is no way through. No passage. Tell them we are gone. Dead, and gone.” — Francis Crozier

6. “Nature does not give a damn about our plans.” — Francis Crozier

7. “It is a Captain’s duty, after all, to mind for the worst case, not for the one he hopes for.” — Francis Crozier

8. “Frozen ships are good shelters, but they are not our homes. We’ve got homes we need to find

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