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Detroit Will Have a Wireless EV-Charging Road by Next Year

electric vehicles in that timeframe.Other countries worldwide have jumped on the clean energy bandwagon as well. ElectReon deployed its EV-charging roads in countries such as Germany, Italy, and SwThey’rehey’re planning on creating a wireless charging network to power 200 city buses in Tel Aviv, Israel as well.For the project in Italy, the company installed a 0.7-mile inter-city electric toll road near Milan. They named the EV-charging road project the “Arena of the Future,” which launched in December 2021.

ElectReon used its cloud-based software to make the test track fully operational. So they’ve tested the technology on a Stellantis passenger car and an Iveco electric bus. They will continue testing and research through 2022.Last October, ElectReon partnered with Smartroad Gotland in Visby, Sweden.

They installed 1.6 km of EV-charging roads for a pre-commercial demonstration project. The city’s first electric bus traveled along the wirelessly charged road between Visby’s airport and city center, making it a successful launch. The nation aims to deploy 2,000km of commercial electric road systems by 2030.In early 2021, ElectReon also launched its electrified road system at Germany’s Port of Karlsruhe.

According to the company’s website, the EV-charging road will “power a bus line connecting the new EnBW training center in Karlsruhe’s Rhine harbor to the local public transport system hub. The client, EnBW, is one of Germany’s largest energy and electric mobility providers.”The road will span 100 meters and include a wireless charging station for stationary charging capabilities. The company successfully tested the road and plans to expand it four hundred meters into the city center.The world is transitioning off fossil

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