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8 Innovative Companies Offer Pawternity Leave to New Pet Parents

ADVERTISEMENT Mars Petcare became one of the first companies to grant paternity leave to new pet parents. The company gives workers ten hours of paid leave when they adopt a new buddy. Employees can even bring their four-legged family member to work upon returning!In Manchester, England, tech company BitSol Solutions allows employees a week off after getting a puppy.

In an interview with the Metro, company owner Greg Buchanan compared puppies to human babies. Workers get paid leave when they have a baby, so getting a dog shouldn’t be different.In 2018, Minneapolis marketing firm Nina Hale enacted a “fur-turnity leave” policy for pet parents. Vice President Allison McMenimen told the New York Times that it boosts morale and provides an incentive to stay with the company.If an employee adopts a rescue dog, the data platform provider Mparticle grants them two weeks off work.

Laurel Peppino, a recruiter for the company, told The Times that paid leave offers pet parents an opportunity to bond with their dogs. The innovative business offers both maternity and paternity leave and considers dogs a member of the family also.“We don’t discriminate just because they aren’t human,” she said. ADVERTISEMENT This pet food company operates in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

The company offers employees three days off when they adopt a puppy, according to The Mercury News. CEO David Rönnberg believes that pawternity leave helps the company culture evolve. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT “Adopting a pet is a significant decision and changes everyday life considerably.

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