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Live Webinar on June 28: Nurturing Resilience and Motivation in Children with ADHD: The Search for “Islands of Competence”

Not available June 28? Don’t worry. Register now and we’ll send you the replay link to watch at your convenience.Children and adolescents diagnosed with ADHD often confront feelings of low self-esteem and a sense of pessimism about succeeding in a variety of domains, including in school and outside of school, and in friendships with peers and adults.

In an attempt to manage negative feelings and thoughts, they often engage in self-defeating coping strategies that serve to further exacerbate their problems and distress.To help these children and adolescents develop constructive coping strategies that enhance motivation, learning, caring, hope, and resilience, it is important for parents, educators, and professionals to adopt a strength-based approach. This kind of approach highlights each youngster’s interests and “islands of competence” and serves to reinforce a “resilient mindset” with accompanying resilient behaviors.In this webinar, you will learn how to:Have a question for our expert? There will be an opportunity to post questions for the presenter during the live webinar.Dr.

Robert Brooks is a psychologist on the faculty (part-time) of Harvard Medical School and former Director of the Department of Psychology at McLean Hospital, a private psychiatric hospital in the Boston area. He has lectured nationally and internationally and written extensively about such themes as resilience across the lifespan, education, children and adults with special needs, psychotherapy, parent and family relationships, and creating positive school and work environments.

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