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Let’s Talk About Incontinence, Baby

Toilet talk. This is the first time I’ve properly shared this, but if it helps one of you… still scared so feeling the fear.

I am an over-sharer by trade, so if there are issues that even I squirm about, then I can guarantee there will be a bloated belly full of folk who really won’t talk about their bladder, bowels, and certainly not incontinence.

Actually, I know there are a number of us searching for bedpans, nappies aka incontinence pants, and large pads as we endeavor to keep our online shopping cookies and “another wet night,” a dirty secret.

Even as an over-sharer I have found myself temporarily housebound at the mere fear of anyone discovering my “compulsion” for buying just in case sanitary products or worst still exposing my bladder and bowel issue.

But I had a tugging, not just to go to the loo for the umpteenth time today, but to write openly about the fact that aged 33, I am no longer desperate to buy the latest gadget deal but to shop for BOGOF Tena ladies and adult nappies.

Head down, I now shop for my pull-ups of choice on my next shopping trip and I add them to my home stash, concealed inside my ottoman bed.

I make sure spares are readily at hand in my rucksack.

I have even changed how I dress and what I wear because my bowels nearly killed me recently, but now I am grateful that my gut is healing to the point I can finally undergo surgery for my bladder, pelvic floor, and potentially my bowel. No “Brazilian butt lifts” for me (although I am excited about a free designer vagina). I’d rather have the life-changing surgery the consultant in front of me is explaining the following day:

“You’re very young compared to most patients we see, so we will do our best to keep the invasive procedures at a minimum,

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