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[Self-Test] Could My Child Be Addicted to the Internet?

Nearly half of teens today say they use the Internet “almost constantly” and visit popular social media platforms several times a day.1 While most teens say the time they spend on social media is “about right,” 36% say they spend “too much” time on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and the like.1At the same time, there is growing concern over the negative effects of social media and excessive Internet use on teen mental health, including its links to anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and other conditions. (To be clear, research has found both positive and negative associations between social media, Internet use, and wellbeing.3)Social media addiction and Internet addiction are not official diagnoses, but researchers are learning more about the intersection of media use and wellbeing, including what may constitute problematic use and behaviors.If you are concerned about your child or teen’s Internet use, answer the questions below and share the results with a licensed mental health professional.This self-test was adapted from The Problematic and Risky Internet Use Scale (PRIUSS). It is designed to screen for the possibility of problematic internet use, and it is intended for personal use only.

This test is not intended as a diagnostic tool.Time is Up! Time's upCan’t see the self-test questions above? Click here to open this test in a new window.1 Pew Research Center (2022). Teens, social media and technology 2022. Riehm, K.

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