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Japanese Study Proves That Chewing Slowly Improves Health

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Scientific Reports. ADVERTISEMENT DIT, otherwise known as the thermic effect of food consumption, boosts energy expenditure above the basal fasting level.

This factor helps prevent weight gain since it increases metabolism. Previously, the team discovered that slow eating and thorough chewing enhanced DIT and increased blood circulation in the splanchnic region of the abdomen.While these studies linked slow chewing with increased digestion and absorption of nutrients, a few questions were left unanswered.Hayashi explains, “We were unsure whether the size of the food bolus that entered the digestive tract contributed to the increase in DIT observed after slow eating.

Also, do oral stimuli generated during prolonged chewing of food play any role in increasing DIT? To define slow chewing as an effective and scientific weight management strategy, we needed to look deeper into these aspects.” ADVERTISEMENT To discover the answers, the team designed their recent study to include only liquid food, thus excluding the effects of the food bolus.

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