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Identifying Your Purpose and Values: How to Go Beyond Happiness

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, SUCCESS People Editor Tristan Ahumada talks to Jenn Lim about true, lasting happiness. Lim is the co-founder and CEO of , a coaching company for businesses, governments and health care systems.

Together, Ahumada and Lim dissect the happiness methods in her new book, .Some of the things that make us happy may surprise you.

According to Lim, the journey of becoming and staying happy isn’t a simple mission. It takes deep, thoughtful work. “Nurture your greenhouse as you grow others.” That’s a metaphor from Beyond Happiness that Lim uses to illustrate a timeless truth: It’s easier to help others when you help yourself first.“Most of us have a tendency to try and take care of others,” she says. “We all want to help others in some way, and then.

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