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How I cope with my depression and anxiety

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Mental Health Awareness Week comes around far more quickly! For this one, after finding solace and support over the years in reading Mind’s ''Your Stories', I thought I’d take a punt at writing about my own experiences and coping mechanisms.My backgroundMental health is an issue which has been close to my heart for quite some time.

Sadly in 2007, we lost my Dad to depression – a well-grounded and loving family man, his passing crippled us all in a way we never could have imagined.

I’ll also be completely candid (as is often best with all things mental health) and say that I suffer from depression and anxiety, and have done for some years now.I’ve no doubt that many of you reading this are or will have been in a similar position – especially as a result of the unprecedented (yes, I’ve grown to despise that word too..) 2 years or so that we’ve all faced.

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