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Does Your ADHD Help or Hurt During the Holidays?

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ADHD brings creativity, spontaneity, and generosity, which can enrich any season. During the holidays, it can also cause cards to go unmailed, or make you forget about that school potluck until your child asks what you’re bringing — just minutes before the event.We asked ADDitude readers how their symptoms show up during this time of year, and how they get through the holiday season with minimal burnout.

Read their responses and tell us how you make the season work in the Comments section below.“I make handmade Christmas cards that never get sent out. I generally run myself ragged trying to make everything perfect. There’s never enough time and I end up being really disappointed in myself.” — Janet“I get so excited about gifts and I end up spending way too much money (and I am terrible with money as it is).

Also, I don’t often buy them in time, so January presents are a thing.” — Izzy, England“I research everyone’s interests and try to make presents as perfect and personal as possible. I end up disappointed if I am unable to get the perfect gift for someone, especially if that gift doesn’t exist or is way outside of my budget. – Charlotte, United Kingdom[Get This Free Download: Your Holiday Survival Kit]“Usually as overwhelm. I have all the ideas but none of the initiative.” — Liz, Missouri“I am always overwhelmed, scattered, and too tired to really enjoy the season.

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