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ACT Techniques: 14 Interventions & Activities for Your Sessions

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download our three Positive Psychology Exercises for free. These science-based exercises explore fundamental aspects of positive psychology, including strengths, values, and self-compassion, and will give you the tools to enhance the wellbeing of your clients, students, or employees.ACT is based on a model of six core processes called the hexaflex.The key objective of ACT is to alleviate suffering by optimizing psychological flexibility.

This is achieved through educating clients about the six core processes and supporting the development of new psychological skills, including mindfulness, cognitive defusion, and acceptance.ACT interventions aim to overcome experiential avoidance using a combination of mindfulness and behavioral change techniques.

Each intervention activates at least one of the six core processes, but some interventions activate multiple core processes simultaneously.Below are six techniques that focus on the core processes of mindful connection and cognitive defusion that are especially helpful for managing anxiety.

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