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8 Things to Do While Self-Isolating With COVID (Because the Pandemic Is Not Over, People)

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I’m on day seven of isolation due to COVID and I must admit that I’m starting to get some serious. cabin fever. I managed to avoid getting COVID for two and a half years.

I got my vaccinations and boosters, wore my mask, and rarely went out. A week and a half ago I went to a trivia night thinking infection rates are low and I should be safe.

Well, that was a mistake. Myself, my friend, and her husband all came away from that event with COVID. While I’m lucky that my symptoms haven’t been awful (thank you, Pfizer), my mental health has taken a beating, partly because of the isolation, partly because of the hyper-vigilance of not wanting my husband to get sick, and very likely due to COVID itself, which has been linked to an increase in mental health-related symptoms, particularly in individuals who already struggle with mental illness.

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